Hi! I'm Rishi 👋🏻

I'm a web and mobile application developer. I was born in the 90s' - when tech had started becoming popular among young people, I spent most of my childhood playing video games. After graduating from high school, I enrolled for a Bachelors' degree in Computer Science and fell in love with programming during that time. Since then, I've been programming in different languages.

I design and develop websites, progressive web applications, and hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS. I also like working on search engine optimization, analytics, and online marketing. Most of my time is spent on exploring open-source, reading articles, and programming.

Currently I'm working with the team at Codebrahma, where I develop Single page applications, Progressive web apps, and hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android - and enjoy playing table tennis with the folks!

Apart from enjoying good food, traveling, music, and art - I also write articles, read books, stalk nature with my camera, and occasionally sketch weird things.