Automate lighthouse audits for your Progressive Web App

We all know how important and helpful the insights are from lighthouse audits when we're developing our web applications. But the way most of us check is manually through Chrome dev tools or the lighthouse extension, which in my opinion, is not very productive.

June 29, 2019   ·   3 min read

Managing React application state - without using Redux!

Redux has always been a developer's first choice for managing React application state. In this article, we will discuss managing the global state of a react application without using our most loved library for the purpose.

May 19, 2019   ·   6 min read

Architecting React Applications - Part II

This article is a continuation of my previous article - Architecting React Applications - where I wrote about a simple way to architect almost any React application into a modular structure. In this article, I am going to write about a relatively complex codebase with things such as application state management.Let’s build upon the same…

May 11, 2019   ·   5 min read

Architecting React Applications

React has always been popular for its short learning curve and easy to use APIs. But if you have been working with this popular javascript library for a while now, you might agree with me on this one as well — If you don’t pay attention to it’s structure it will soon become an unmaintainable mess.Before joining my first job, I had some…

April 11, 2019   ·   7 min read

Android Emulator for React Native in Mac, Linux and Windows

So let me ask you first —How many of you have installed Android Studio only to use the emulator for your native app? Oh, and don’t forget the way your system struggles when you try to run it!And no, I’m not just talking about any average system — even my Macbook Pro with 8GB of RAM makes a lot of noise!A lot of you might have also come…

January 12, 2019   ·   5 min read

Shrink your React Native application size dramatically!

So you made a cool and awesome looking React Native app, and now you’re ready to build it and maybe publish it to the store —But worried about it if the users would want to install it given its build size? Or maybe you just want to keep it lightweight and not take too much memory unnecessarily when it can be packed into a smaller size?Or…

September 20, 2018   ·   4 min read